Betty Udesen

Teatime Series greeting cards feature wild birds that visit my front porch open-air studio in Seattle. I lure them with bird seed that I tuck into the props. I also provide sugar water — for our hummingbird friends.
I’m not really a bird photographer. At least I don’t think of myself that way. As a professional photojournalist, I’ve spent decades looking through a lens at the world and its myriad inhabitants, from Latin America, Africa and Indonesia to my hometown of Seattle.
After I was badly injured on an overseas assignment, I began photographing birds. The pastime quickly evolved into something much more: a form of interactive meditation, and an important part of my recovery.
Irish essayist Robert Lynd wrote, “In order to see birds it is necessary to become part of the silence.” My injuries forced me to slow down, to become part of a healing quiet. For years, I’d heard bird song in my urban neighborhood but I didn’t know who was singing.
Now I do.